Nalini Resort and Dive

Adventure Dives Bali

Where the oceans Meet

Adventure Divers Bali is a fully licensed and registered dive centre located at the meeting point of the Pacific and the Indian Ocean. This puts us at the heart of what’s known as the ‘Indonesian Throughflow’, allowing water from the higher altitudes of the Pacific to pass to the lower Indian Ocean, right through the Lombok Strait.

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6 Courses available up to certified Dive Master

The result is amazing biodiversity; the east coast of Bali provides the opportunity for divers to see an unparalleled variety of marine life. Whether you are looking to discover rare nudibranchs, spot the elusive pygmy seahorse or dive with majestic mantas and Mola Molas – all can be done easily from Amed.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced diver, this corner of Bali has something for everyone. With dramatic drop-offs, exhilarating drift dives, beautiful coral gardens and fascinating wrecks, including the USAT Liberty, Adventure Divers Bali is able to offer you world-class diving. Our team of experienced, multilingual instructors and dive guides are passionate about this area and keen to show you more.