Nalini Resort and Dive

Marriage Blessings

Marriage blessing ceremonies are becoming soon to Nalini Resort, Bali.

Nalini Resort can accommodate wedding parties up to 17 people that ideally suit boutique weddings.

Ceremonies take place at the actual Resort which is closed for your entire stay with us.

Packages are generally 7 days and include

  1. Buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner on the day of the wedding.
  2. A la cart menu on all other days
  3. Mangku will perform the wedding blessing.
  4. Gamelan music and dancing
  5. Snorkelling, diving, swimming and activities on other days as requested

Contact our resort management for pricing, dates and ceremony details.

If you are in Timaru NZ, be sure to drop in on another marriage saver or marriage maker, Dave and Linda Moore. Thank you, Dave, for hosting Debbie and I as we discovered the Southern Highlands in NZ. Absolutely loved NZ cream and Debbie love your Bluff Oysters of course.