Nalini Resort and Dive

Bali Optical Replacement Glasses

New Optical Replacement Glasses

New optical replacement glasses are able to be organised by our experienced staff at the resort.

The progressive/transitional optic glasses you can see at the bottom of the image broke when they accidentally fell on the bathroom floor.

The price of these Australian optical glasses is $1,200.

As the story goes, the owner of the glasses (Steve) was driven to the local Optik dealer and with the help of the Resort Manager, Ari.

“I thought replacing glasses would be difficult because I have one eye long-sighted and the other eye is short-sighted. I needed transitional/progressive lenses.

But Steve was able to have his eyes tested and new metal rim glasses ordered.

Your eye script will be provided on a plastic card.

This process has been improved many times.

Now, the Optik technicians come to Nalini Resort is there are 2 or more sets of glasses to be ordered.

You can also select the style of rims however, the rim selection is limited.

If you wish your scratched lenses to be replaced then that is relatively easy.

The Optik technicians can either test your eyes and give you a report or test your existing lenses to ISO standards.

Prices start at Rp1,900,00 for transitional/progressive lenses including rims and case.

Guest should advise staff at check-in so we can organise your new glasses.

New Optical Replacement Glasses